MYTS are no longer taking any more enquiries for new members this year.

If you have not already contacted membership@myts.org.uk to register your interest, you will not be able to attend the auditions on Friday 12th September.

Musical Youth Theatre Stafford

Flier for Honk! to be performed at Stafford Gatehouse July 2015

Musical Youth Theatre Stafford is the junior branch of the Stafford & District Operatic Society. It aims to develop the singing, acting and dancing skills of young people from Stafford and surrounding areas.

New members: We are no longer taking any new enquiries for new members 

Auditions for new members will take place at John Wheeldon School starting at 7pm on Friday 12th September. If you wish to audition for MYTS, please complete the membership enquiry form and email it to membership@myts.org.uk before the audition date to register your interest. You should also attend the first session on Friday 5th September where you will be given further information.

Next production – Honk!

To purchase tickets: 07847049129 / tickets@myts.org.uk

MYTS will be performing Honk! in July 2015 at Stafford Gatehouse theatre.

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling”, “Honk!” tells the story of an odd looking baby duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother.

Soon after Ugly is born, he is seduced away by a wily Cat who wants to eat Ugly for dinner. Eventually, Ugly manages to escape but has no idea how to return home.

Along his way, he encounters a beautiful swan, Penny, tangled in a fishing line.

After saving her, the two birds fall in love. However, she must return to her flock and fly south for the winter. Eventually, Ugly’s mother finds him frozen in snow.

Luckily, her warm tears manage to thaw him out and he comes back to life – as a handsome swan! Soon, Ugly is reunited with Penny and the two swans decide to live the rest of their days in the same pond as Ugly’s loyal mother.


  • 8th – 11th July 2015 @ 7:30pm
  • 11th July 2015 @ 2:30pm and @ 7:30pm